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Wednesday, August 23 2017


Saltwash is a powder that you can add to any paint to create some unique finishes. You mix the powder with your basecoat colour and then add as many layers as you want to create texture. When used with blues, greens and fresh whites it gives a particularly beachy feel. When I was growing up there was a boat harbour down the road that we would frequent most days. Over time the old timber boats had a unique texture and feel to them as they aged. Saltwash is probably the closest thing I have found to creating that weathered sea salt look.

As a powder it is simple to use. The one thing I have noticed is that the paint dries very fast when it has been mixed with saltwash. So for the acrylic paint I used one scoop of paint to one scoop of saltwash. You can adjust the amount to your preference once you’ve had a few goes and see what works best for you and the type of finish you want.

So the first step is to add the saltwash to your basecoat colour. For my first sample piece I chose an off cut of skirting board. 


I chose a green for basecoat. When mixing the powder and the paint together it should feel like and look like your about to ice a cake. Have it at that kind of consistency. Next is to glob the mixture on to the timber. I just grabbed an old chip brush and globbed it on to the board. It’s that simple!   



After a few minutes I went back over it with a damp brush and knocked down the high points of the globs. Remember the paint dries really quickly when the saltwash is added. It made it a tiny bit flatter but not smooth. It still had texture to it. 


I let that coat dry. The next coat I added some white tinter to the same colour so it just made the colour much lighter. Now for this coat do not add the saltwash. Just brush over the colour.

 Once both layers were dry I gave it a good sand. This stuff is tough once it has dried. Really tough. I found I had to really give it a good sand to get through to the base coat colour. The thing I like about the saltwash is because it is tough it never went back to the timber surface.

After the sanding I dry brushed a white over the top to add to the salty sea look.


It is definitely a unique texture but I am impressed with what it can do so far!


I personally find saltwash is different to Fresco by Fusion. I find that i use each for a different purpose.

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